Headstones and Grave Markers


Grave Monuments

This style of granite headstone, or tombstone as they are sometimes called, vary in size and shape. They consist of two pieces: a horizontal granite slab base and a vertical granite tablet.

Monuments are typically more expensive than other headstone options, but offer the most creative design flexibility. We carry a large selection of colors, sizes, and designs available at our showroom in Clinton Township, Michigan.

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Flat Headstones and Grave Markers

Flat headstones or memorials are also known as grave markers. They are the most popular style of memorial in cemeteries around Michigan. Flat headstones can be made from bronze, granite, or a combination of the two depending on the regulations of the cemetery. Both are available in either single or double (companion).

We have many granite colors and design options available for both granite markers and bronze markers.

We are also able to permanently transfer a high-resolution color photo to a bronze marker.

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Slanted Headstones

Slanted headstone memorials are made of granite stone and can be single or double. They have an angled face and sit on a cement pad. If you would rather have a granite base,  a 4” or 6” option is available.

Etching or sandblasting a design can be utilized on a slant marker. Visit our showroom in Clinton Township for examples.

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There are two main types of cemetery memorials. A flat grave marker and a raised headstone. Grave markers sit flush in the ground and are usually made of granite or bronze with the purpose of identifying the deceased. Raised stones serve the same identification purpose but are raised out of the ground. There are many different styles of raised stone to choose from. Your cemetery regulations will determine what style you are able to have.

Cemeteries are in business to make a profit and when they lose potential customers, they do not make money. It is not unheard of that a cemetery will use tactics to discourage a customer from purchasing from an outside dealer. Don’t be fooled of by a career salesman who may be trying to take advantage of you during a difficult time. You have the right to purchase from anywhere you wish. If you are experiencing a problem with the cemetery you can file a complaint here with the Federal Trade Commission.

Yes, cemeteries are legally bound to accept the memorial as long as the headstone meets their requirements. It is your right to purchase from wherever you like. If you are experiencing a problem with the cemetery you can file a complaint here with the Federal Trade Commission.

You should not be penalized for purchasing from an outside dealer. If they charge an installation fee for a headstone purchased from an outside source, they must also charge if the headstone is purchased from them. If you are experiencing a problem with the cemetery you can always file a complaint here with the Federal Trade Commission.

Yes, every customer gets a computerized layout after the order has been placed detailing the design, lettering and personalization of the memorial. Nothing is engraved until the layout has been signed.

Yes, our specialized memorial software allows us to reproduce custom artwork into a engraveable format.

If you have a granite headstone we will be able to recreate an extremely close match. Granite is a natural stone and color does vary thru the years as it is mined from the earth. We will be able to determine the closest match to an existing memorial based on what colors are currently on the market. Design and font are able to be reproduced with our specialized memorial software giving you the best recreation possible.

Yes, our specialized memorial software allows us to reproduce custom artwork into a engraveable format.

Traditionally materials like marble, granite, and bronze are used to make headstones to memorialize the dead. Granite and bronze are the most popular these days and are our material of choice as well as most of our surrounding cemeteries require them.

It depends on the cemetery. Every cemetery has different rules and regulations. In general most cemeteries will require a foundation for any upright stone.

It depends on the cemetery. Some require they do it themselves while others require an insured contractor do the work. We have many contractors in or area we work closely with who will be able to ensure a proper foundation is built for your memorial.

A headstones inscription usually includes the deceased's name, date of birth, date of death and sometimes a simple title and or a short phrase known as an epitaph. However, there are many ways to enhance a headstone. The goal is to create a lasting tribute and of what the deceased meant to you.

Typically, standard memorials will take at least three or four weeks to completely create the and to place it upon the top of the grave. Custom shapes and sizes will take longer as the granite block needs to be shaped to your specifications. In some cases, the ground will also need to settle before placing the headstone. The climate, the time of year, and the weather also play a role. Most cemeteries in our area will only accept stones from late spring thru fall.

Yes, you can have a photo added to a new order or an existing stone. Keep in mind it depends on cemetery regulations and available space on the memorial.

Yes, all of our bronze vases are made to be turned upside down and into a receptacle within the headstone when not in use.

If you already have a memorial for your loved one and want to add a flower vase unit we can help. Assuming you have the available space we can mount a vase on sight to the existing stone.

Yes, we offer everything from small garden stones all the way to entire family memorials. There are many shapes and sizes available to choose from. Most of which we keep in stock for you to easily view at our showroom.

No, we can offer a less expensive alternative by not including the price of granite with the cost of a bronze memorial. There are many different options on which to mount a bronze. Keep in mind some cemeteries do require you to have the granite piece. We will be able to help you determine if a stone backer is right for you.

Yes. Pre-ordering headstones can be a great as a means of ensuring that your wishes, or those of a loved one, are carried out. It can also lighten the burdens placed on children and family members once someone has passed. As the price of nearly everything increases every year it also serves an economical purpose.

We do. We have all our own mobile lettering equipment and will be able to engrave any future lettering right on site.

Yes, we have done many different languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Albanian, Spanish and many others.  With our memorial software we are able to input any language and engrave it onto your memorial.

In most cases we install the stone. Some cemeteries require it to be placed at a maintenance area or to be set directly on the grave for later installation by the cemetery staff.

We recommend having the headstone installed by an experienced installer or the cemetery when possible. Many cemeteries require that it be done by professional licensed and insured companies. However, some country cemeteries will allow it and we are happy to help explain the process to you at that time.

Yes, we have shipped stone all over the lower 48.

Unfortunately we cannot have our headstones shipped outside of the 48 contiguous United States.

You can have the headstone shipped to the cemetery or a business local to your cemetery as long as there is a manager available to accept and sign for the delivery.

The price of a headstone from us includes the stone itself, a full computerized rendering of the layout, all design and lettering on one side including any finish and coloring in the engraving (not including any attached or laser engraved photos) plus delivery within a 25-mile radius. We also handle all your cemetery paperwork and ordering of the proper foundation for the style of memorial you choose.

All upright monuments require a base as well as a foundation to ensure the stability of the memorial.

A slant does not require a base; however, your cemetery may require you to have one.

Absolutely. Custom quoting is part of our everyday experience here. If you want a unique or one-of-a-kind memorial we can help make your ideas come to reality. Quote are usually received within just a couple days.

Not at all! We are able to offer our customers a lower price because we are a small family operated business. We are considered by some as being the highest quality memorial dealer in the area. With our computerized equipment and skilled craftsmen, we treat every memorial as a precise work of art not as a product.

We offer flexible payment options and will find a plan that is right for you.

We accept the following major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We also accept personal checks, money orders as well as cash.

The most important thing to know is what type of headstone can be placed in the cemetery. Most cemeteries have restrictions regulating the material and size. We have information regarding all our local cemeteries but any other is usually just a phone call to the find out what is allowed.

Yes, we do. All our our stones are backed by a lifetime guarantee against any natural defects.

We are a member of the Chamber of Commerce and we are the only member of the national memorial organization (Monument Builders of North America) in our area. We have been in business over 118 years and have continued to treat our customers with care during their difficult times.



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