Slanted Headstones


What are Slanted Headstones?

There are two types of slanted headstones to choose from. The first is called a bevel marker or beveled headstone. These sit directly on the ground like a flat marker, but have an angled face which make it 2" higher in the back.

The other option is similar to an upright headstone. They are called slants. The pitch, or angle is greater on these and they are either installed on a concrete pad or a 4" - 6" granite base.

Slanted granite headstones are available in a variety of colors and design options.

Slanted Headstone Design Options

Slanted headstones are available in single or companion options for both the bevel and slant variations. If you need a different size, we can accommodate any requirement.

You can choose from a wide range of granite colors and we have pre-designed etching and engravings to choose from. If you are looking for a custom design we can work closely with you to make sure it turns out perfectly.

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Slanted Headstones Pricing

We are headstone makers that supply many of the local funeral homes in detroit and areas of central michigan. This means we can work directly with you to design and create a slanted headstone at a fraction of the cost you'll pay at the funeral home.

Whether you are looking for a custom granite headstone, or a pre-designed option, we can work within your budget and timeline. We've got flexible pricing plans and your satisfaction is our goal.

Installing a Slanted Headstone at the Grave Site

We can install both bevel and granite slants at the grave site.

Bevel headstones are installed much like flat markers due to their smaller size.

Slant Headstones are installed like upright headstones. They either require a concrete pad or a 4" to 6" granite base to ensure they stay upright over time.

We have our own equipment to deliver and install the headstone with precision and care.

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