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What is a Grave Monument?

A gravesite monument headstone refers to an upright memorial headstone that is placed at a grave. Cemeteries generally refer to the upright memorials as monuments and the flat headstones as grave markers.

Monument headstones are usually made from granite and are available in a single or companion option. Companion headstones are made for two people.

The upright headstones consist of an upright granite slab where inscriptions are etched or engraved. The upright slab usually sits on a granite foundation or base. Check with your cemetery for requirements.

Monument Design Options

at Lincoln Granite, we carry a wide range of monument designs to choose from. We can also help to design anything custom you might have in mind for memorializing someone you love.

We also have a large selection of colored granite to choose from. We are here to help make this final decision as painless as possible and to create something you know will represent your loved one well.

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Monument Pricing

Upright gravestones range in price depending on the level of customization required. We are able to provide cheap headstones compared to area funeral homes because we are the company that supplies the funeral homes.

If you are looking for wholesale or direct pricing for an upright monument, let's start a conversation. We will help you find the right options to fit your budget, design, and personalization criteria.

Installing a Monument at the Gravesite

Lincoln Granite is one of the few companies in Southeast Michigan that has equipment capable of setting large monuments at gravesites. We do not subcontract out to other companies. This way we can ensure you receive the best customer service possible from start to finish. Learn more about our headstone setting service.

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