Brick engraving

Every year we get orders for engraving bricks.  This process of sandblasting a customer’s bricks has many steps.  First, if you are a new customer, you will need to purchase a good quality brick.  We recommend one without pebbles and preferably a concrete brick. Get enough to cover the amount you need and some extra …

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Rustic bench shape

We recently delivered this new rustic shaped bench to Lake Orion to our customer’s backyard.  It was not engraved but placed there for a peaceful, resting area in his yard.  Surrounded by an angel sculpture and setting on a concrete slab, it is the perfect spot to grieve and find peace and solitude.  

Planning ahead

 No one likes to think about his or her own death, but failing to consider this makes it much more difficult on the family in their time of bereavement. The worst time to make a financial decision is after there has been a death in the family. Grieving has an emotional effect on every family …

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Snowton angel

There are many varieties of sculptured angels available for monuments.  This one is a single angel hand carved on both front and back kneeling down over a heart.  We have personalized this angel with a beautiful ceramic colored photo also.  Most cemeteries will allow photos to be added in some form or another.  The ceramic …

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Boulder with metal plate

We were recently asked to help with a project that is working to clean up several communities in the Detroit area.  This plaque was the result and was mounted to a large boulder on site where the activity is happening.  About 10,000 volunteers were on hand to build, remodel, landscape and more to the community.  …

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