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What is the bronze content of bronze headstones?

There are four key elements that make up bronze. Bronze content is government regulated and is: Not less than 87% Copper Not less than 5% Tin Not more than 5% Zinc Not more than 2% Lead All other elements not to exceed 1.5% The Bronze makers we order are of the ...

Together Forever…

A double internment marker is just what you need. They are also known as companion markers.  We have over 20 different colors of granite to choose from. These companion markers are also offered in bronze. We don't charge extra for the extra lettering, like most companies.  Designs are sized accordingly to fit ...

Before you purchase…

 Do you know if you need granite or bronze? It is important that you know that a cemetery has specific rules and regulations before you buy your headstone. All cemeteries regulate the headstones that are placed on the graves within their grounds. Cemetery Rules and Regulations outline requirements such as size, material, and type ...

We do personal.

We will work with you to personalize your granite marker to best memorialize your loved one! We believe that the design must be a representation of the life that was lived and the special memories of their family members. We have over 500 designs to help us do this.  A lot ...

Engraving Stones and Boulders

We are able to engrave a variety of shapes and sizes. Below are two great examples of some possibilities. One is a sign for a subdivision entrance. This would also look amazing in front of a business or in a park.  The next picture is a beautiful memorial to honor the ...

Have you ordered your Brick Pavers?

It's not too late... We do recommend you get your order in as soon as possible.  Spring is a busy time and we want to make sure you have your pavers ready when you need installation!  Call us or stop in to place your order.  We look forward to hearing ...

Bronze memorials are truly unique!

Bronze expressions is a beautiful way of creating a memorial with actual photo images.  A single bronze marker can include up to five images of your choice.  We have some examples by clicking here bronze.  If you are looking for a unique way of expressing and remembering the stages of life ...


Can I purchase a granite marker from the Internet?  We have heard and read many sad stories of consumers purchasing from online companies, either out of state or even country, and have had their stones rejected by the cemeteries.  In most cases, these companies refuse to refund your money and you end up having to purchase ...

Heart of America Memorial Ground-breaking

The ground breaking ceremony took place on Mar. 20, 2012 with many representatives of the surrounding communities present. Lincoln Granite is honored to be a part of this memorial for the KIA from Macomb County, MI.  Click here to see more on the  GroundBreaking  

Bronze Cleaning

Does your bronze appear to need a cleaning? First you will need to gather clean clothes, mild soap, water, a bucket and WD-40. If your bronze piece has small nooks and crannies you may want to bring a SOFT bristle toothbrush. Start by mixing the water with mild soap until there are ...

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