The Holidays…How to get through them.

The Holidays…How to get through them.

Learning to cope with grief…

Celebrations at this time of year may be stressful for most.  However, to those who have lost a loved one or special friend this year, the holidays can be lonely, exhausting, and even painful.  Your life has changed and it will be a personal decision how you adjust to these changes.  It is at this time that we want to bring a message of hope to our friends and customers who are grieving.  There are things that you can do to continue on with the holiday traditions that will honor the memories that you hold dear. 

In the months following the sudden death of her husband, one friend decided that her Christmas would need to be different last year.  So, she determined to make new memories and traveled different places for her holiday meal with her family.  Rather than continuing the same traditions, she changed them to help her cope.  It is still a hard road that she is traveling but she realizes that she must surround herself with good friends and family that can support and encourage her. 

Another friend who lost her father after a long battle of illness found it helpful to surround herself with her loving family.  Together, they get through the holidays by prayer and their faith.  “My faith in Jesus and the hope that He gives me each day helps me to get through each day, not to mention the holidays.” The love and gathering of family helps them remember the wonderful memories of their Dad as well as create a stronger family bond between them. 

Whatever you do to celebrate this year, the loss will still bring pain.  Remember that you are grieving and the sweetness of the holiday will be mixed with the bitterness of the reality.  Give yourself permission to be sad and cry.  These are normal feelings and part of the healing process.  But also give yourself permission to have fun, to laugh, and to rest.

As you begin to think about what changes you will be making this year, remember that there is support if you need it.  Our hope and prayer is that you find comfort and peace in this holiday season.  For more help click here:

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