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See the difference!

Ever get disappointed or frustrated with the high cost of funerals?  Every day we hear from people upset about how much it costs to bury a loved one and they are asking how we can help.  After being in the memorial business for over 100 years, Lincoln Granite has seen ...

Memorial candles on sale!

This January 2014, we are offering buy eleven memorial candles, get one free.  Mention this ad to receive discount.  These memorial candles are able to last 3-5 days in a cemetery depending on weather conditions.  Candles come in white with a clear plastic container enclosing it.  Also available are the ...

Coping with a holiday after a loss

For some, this will be the first holiday they "celebrate" without a family member, including us. Since many of our holiday traditions are centered around the family, holiday gatherings can be painful after the loss of a loved one.  Some people find it comforting to continue old traditions and others ...

Bronze butterflies

This new product is a special way of adding a special touch to a garden in memory of your loved one.  It can be mounted onto a rock or attached to a metal rod stake as shown. 

Our boom truck at work!

We were recently requested by the Saint Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Church, Detroit, to relocate their old sign on another site of their property.  It was just recently completed without any damage and for a fraction of the cost.  We saved the church over $7500 from the quote from another company. ...

Cremation urns

 Lincoln Granite offers a wide choice of cremation urns of a variety of materials from wood to bronze.  Many styles are available from contemporary to traditional. Most families choose to bury the urn but many also use it at a personal location to be buried at a later time.  This photo ...

Granite pricing

When it comes to choosing a monument for your family, it is best to check other places than just stopping at the cemetery.  Our business is here for giving an alternative to the commission sales found at most cemetery establishments.  Pricing is determined by color, size and shape of the ...


In Loving Memory

Many different shapes and sizes are available for headstones.  The cemetery regulates what will be allowed.  However, with the hundreds of designs available that we offer, it usually only takes a short time to find just the right one that the family will want to use.  You have the flexibility ...

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