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Granite selection

We offer many granite colors to choose from.   See our website to view the different colors available for markers, monuments or bevels.  Our inside showroom also shows various ways to finish the stones.  Spring season is upon us and it is time to get your orders in!  

Great Lakes National Cemetery

Lincoln Granite recently delivered a purple heart memorial at Great Lakes National Cemetery.  Our company is frequently called on to deliver and install veteran monuments.     

Sculptured angel monuments

This angel monument can be sized according to the cemetery regulation of height.  The one shown here is the single angel version with the back of the angel fully sculpted.  Other versions are available with the second angel standing or kneeling.  Black granite is the color shown here.  

Companion headstones-colors

Blue Pearl is one of our favorite granite colors.  It is cut from the side of a mountain in Norway.  This is one of the granite colors that "sparkles" in the sunlight.  The other stone color is Black Galaxy which has gold flecks.  

Just delivered to Oakwood Cemetery

This granite monument is a custom design.  It represents different memories of a daughter's life.  Made of Evergreen granite with hand sculpted hands in the bottom right corner.  

Small business

Take the time to visit our office located in Clinton Township, MI.  We believe that small businesses are the backbone of the economy.  There may be many more places you could visit for your memorial needs, but we would like to have you experience how we are different.  Stop in ...

Keep the holidays safe!

We hear so many stories about the loss of young people who were involved in a drunk driving accident.  Keep the holidays safe; don't drive and drive. Too many lives are cut short because of this.  

Unique and personal granite monuments

We enjoy the process of discovering the design idea that a customer has in mind and capturing it in stone.  This is one that we produced at Resurrection Cemetery this year.  She wanted a nautical theme to portray the love of the water that her husband had.  We spent many ...

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