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Veteran’s Day 2012

 Veterans Day honors ALL American veterans, both living and dead. In fact, Veterans Day is largely intended to thank LIVING veterans for dedicated and loyal service to their country. Each year, November 11 is the day that we ensure veterans know that we deeply appreciate the sacrifices they have made in the lives to ...

Laser portraits on stone

We get alot of customers who want to add a photo to the headstone.  There are different methods to choice from.  This is a laser method that burns the surface of the stone, done only on black.  Other companies use a silk-screen process or a hand-etched method.  We prefer the ...

Monument Builders of North America members

The International association called Monument Builders of North America (MBNA) is the organization that we and other professional memorialists belong to.  As part of the membership, we subscribe to a Code of Good Practice that promotes fair and honest business practices to serve and protect the consumer.  This assures you ...

Yes, we engrave boulders!

More and more people are wanting a unique gift item to display in their yard or honor a loved one in a golf course or park.  A granite paver or boulder slice has become very popular to engrave lettering on.  Come in for a visit to our showroom and see ...

Buyer Beware!

There are alot of companies that are popping up online these days.  The President of Monument Builders of North America, of which we are a member, has sent out this statement: "We believe that the level of misleading information on behalf of is absolutely unacceptable to the principles and ...

Pet markers

We carry an assortment of granite colors to use.  All designing is done on site.  Pick the font you would like to make your stone unique.    


Granite (from the Latin granum, or grain, signifying its characteristic structure), an igneous rock, was formed when magma cooled deep beneath the earth’s crust. Nearly as durable as diamond, granite owes its density and hardness to its origins, solidified deep within the earth under extreme pressure. Unique markings and inconsistencies ...

Buying from other companies online…beware!

We understand that most of our customers shop online.  However, when it comes to choosing a monument or marker for your family, it is best to deal directly with a local monument dealer.  What most people do not know is that the rules and regulations of the cemetery have to ...

We engrave signs, too!

This is an example of different types of signs that we create.  Lettering can be done on granite, limestone, or any rock surface.  

Single Cross monument

Are you looking for a single monument?  Here is one example of a Newbury Gray cross with a metal inset of a poem that was special to the customer.  It is located at Utica Cemetery.  Many double cross monuments are also located there that we have completed.

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